Walkthrough steel stamp marking

Stamping or marking steel stamps with hammer.

tutorial to mark with a punch
You will need a hammer a size fit to the size of the steel stamp or punch. Although any hammer is useful, round bronze head hammers are offering best result.

You must also have a plain piece of steel where support the object to mark so that it will absorb part of the impact of the hammer. Do not hit pieces on wood or other soft materials.

tutorial to mark with a punchIf to mark your piece you have to hit very strong or you have little experience, the steel stamp holder is a very practical and safe tool.

tutorial to mark with a punch
As well as putting the piece above the plain piece of steel and holding the punch at the bottom, to control that the itching does not move, you must hit with the hammer as focused as possible, at the head of the punch.

For a clear marking, it is not necessary to deepen too much.

More information of steel stamps and punches in Omella Engravings

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