Punch frequently asked questions

Which metals and materials it can punch?

All metal seals can be used in soft copper, brass, nickel metals silver, Tin, alkeme, aluminium, gold and silver. For the art of the mixed media, jewelry and crafts that can also be used in clay, leather, cardboard, wax, wood and fabrics. For more hard as steel and stainless steel metals, we develop our stamps personalized with the best materials and hardening processes.

What is the size of letter or engraving?

The size of the engraving area refers to the height of printing print (not the size of the physical seal). For stamps of letters or numbers size based on the height of the average letter (biased towards the higher letters). Keep in mind the size of prints may vary depending on the material and strength that is used.

How do I get in my pieces stamp a word in a straight line?

We recommend that you use a tape to help align their marked. Using the upper edge of the tape as your guide, apply it to your stamping surface. Now place the metal on the surface of stamping seal and lightly drag down until the part sits bottom of the punch touched the edge of the tape. Hold in place and tap with the hammer. If you repeat this for each letter, all his words are perfectly aligned. Use a pen or a marker pen and a rule to make marks evenly spaced on the Ribbon. Start stamping Center and its way of working from left to right and from top down. This will help ensure that the images and printed words are correctly aligned.

What tools do I need to start stamping metal?

To start printing, you can use hammer you have at home and have to check on a surface hard, like a block of steel or anvil. Although a steel hammer can serve, our brass hammer will produce better and more consistent results. Steel is a hard metal so it bounces when it hit our steel seals and can create double prints. Brass is softer and disperse the impact of hit directly in the performance of stamping punch.

Do I get double prints when I print?

This is a common problem for the steel hammers that use and that is why we recommend the use of a brass hammer. The head of a hammer steel can be very hard. When this happens, hammer can bounce or vibrate on the seal very quickly and sometimes hitting the seal again, which will leave a double printing. Another reason to get double prints is hitting on two-stroke or multiple times. You should try to hit the seal enough strong so that you only have to hit once.

How I do my impression of stamping stand?

There are several ways to add color to your stamped impressions. The easiest way is to use permanent markers or markers of painting that color on the low relief of the impressions and wipe the excess ink with a cloth or paper towel. Acrylic or enamel paint can also be used.

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