Punch inside of ring jewelry

Punch inside of ring jewelry

Jewelry for inside ring punch

Size: Diameter 12mm 100mm long
Max marking area: diameter 4mm
Material: Steel tempered 1.2379 58-60HRc

Punches Omella manufactures two types of punches or jewelry steel stamps for rings:

Flat engraved ring steel stamp:
Punch engraved on flat is useful both to mark inner ring as another type of parts.

Curved engraved ring steel stamp:
Punch engraved surface curve specialized for interior rings mark.

Flat punches with ring slot, serve for both, marking rings and flat pieces, when the extent of the mark does not exceed 2mm of width.

Greater than 2mm measures requires the custom punch jewelry engraving on curved surface with ring slot.

Omella Steel Stamps produces custom contrast punches for rings with jewelry signatures, logos or codes.


  1. Dear OMELLA team

    I would like to know the prices of a ring punch with a simple logo
    and punch for 14 18 k gold
    hope you answer me

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