Jewelry marking pliers

Jewelry hallmark marking pliers for rings and flat pieces

Max marking area: 4mm
Material: Steel chrome plated with detachable hardened steel dies 

Pliers to contrast mark the surface of jewelry of all types and sizes, including ring interiors. To mark simply place the piece and squeeze with your hand, all the pieces are perfectly marked.

With the pliers to mark jewellery is very easy to mark, you can see perfectly where the mark is going to be placed and the die with the engraving is always applied perfectly perpendicular to the jewel. It’s easier to use than a jewelry punch.

The pliers of jewelry to contract has a large opening of more than 10mm that allows to mark many types of pieces.

Steel Stamps Omella manufactures contrast or hallmark pliers for jewelry, with signatures, logos or codes.

They serve both to mark flat pieces and inner rings, by using a flat support die for flat parts, or a curved die for rings.

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