Punch to mark wood with pressure or fire

Mixed steel stamp to mark wood with hammer or fire

Sizes : 20x20x80mm, 30x15x80mm and 30x30x80mm
Maximum marking area: 19x19mm, 29x14mm and 29x29mm
Material: Untemmed steel

The mixed punch for marking wood by pressure or fire is a very versatile tool.

It is a solid steel stamp, to mark wood with a blow, hitting with a hammer. On its back it has a threaded hole. In this threaded hole you can mount a wooden handle with a metal bar so that it can then be heated with a blowtorch and mark the wood on fire.

It’s a steel stamp and branding iron to mark by fire in a single product.

With this punch you can mark wood, leather and plastic by blow. And you can heat mark wood, leather and plastic. In small measures and if the logo allowed it, you could even get a mixed punch in tempered steel that would even serve to mark metal.

It is a steel punch, a little shorter than the normal ones (80mm) so that they weigh little when used with the handle, with a threaded hole to screw a long iron bar with a varnished wooden handle.

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