Forest Marking Hammer Axe

Engraved head: 1 or 2 letters high 20 mm (to be specified) or simple design.
Material: Forged steel of the highest quality with homogeneous hardening and hardness.
Weight : 570 gr
Handle: beech wood handle with PEFC certification length of 38 cm

Hammer – Custom forest marking axe with steel head and wooden handle. The hammer can be engraved with a simple design or 2 initials.

The Hammer – Forest axe allows to remove the bark from the trunks to later mark with the hammer, the code of the operator or logo of the forestry company.

The designs to be engraved must be fine and simple, to favor the ease of marking.

With this forest hammerhead axe permanently marks the trees in the forest. A piece of bark is removed with the axe side and the tree trunk is cold-marked with the hammer side.

Forged steel balanced forest marking hammer axe with engraving

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