Hallmark Jewelry Stamp

Hallmark Jewelry Stamp

Hallmark Custom Jewelry Stamp

Size: Diameter 12mm 100mm long
Max marking area: Diameter 4mm
Material: Steel 1.2379 tempered 58-60HRc

Punch to mark the surface of jewelry of all types, sizes and materials. It perfectly marks gold, silver and even stainless steel.

Omella Punches manufactures punches with the most suitable temper for the contrast or luster of all jewelry work. Custom engraved punches with signatures, logos or codes for use in jewelry workshops. Logos and signatures as small as required in high relief or low relief with exterior shape if they are export type.

Once the order is made the first thing that Omella punches do is to make the design and send it in a PDF file in full scale. This file, if printed on an A4 with no margins, allows you to check how the engraving will look in real size and ensure that it conforms to what you want.

Omella Punzones also manufactures master punches and jewelry stamps for recessed hallmark.


  1. hello, how can i apply for a custom hallmark

  2. Hello, I am a jewelry designer and maker and I need a custom step for different metals like gold and silver.
    It will be My name in handwriting -Maka. Can you please send me the pricing and I can send you the photo approximately how I’d like the stem to look. It’s simple.

    Thank you in advance!

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